ORGANIC APRICOT KERNEL OIL + ROSEMARY + BERGAMOT: Great for all skin types Gently cleanses and purifies Removes waterproof makeup Reduces fine lines, age spots, and scars Improves skin tone Handcrafted with a base of Organic and Cold Pressed Apricot Kernel Seed Oil, this therapeutic cleansing oil contains antioxidants that help repair the skin, prevent fine lines, and combat signs of aging. This can be used as a gentle daily cleanser and a waterproof makeup remover. Rosemary Essential Oil helps rejuvenate the skin, reduce scars and age spots, and tones skin complexion. Bergamot Essential Oil cleanses and purifies the skin of the toughest and most deeply rooted impurities and waterproof makeup, helps improve inner blood circulation, and lastly helps the distribution of pigments in the skin, thus improving skin tone.


standard: 2 oz / 56 ml


GOLD TIP: Pump the cleansing oil into the palm of your hand, and use fingertips to warm the product for a more therapeutic, and thorough cleanse You can saturate a cotton pad or q-tip for a more saturated makeup remover Use FLORA afterwards to tighten, tone, and hydrate the skin



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