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The Zoom Face Eyes | Sweet Potato's Boutique

We are continuing our Zoom Face series with your EYES! Our feature this week is the amazing Amaterasu. Their collection of mascara and eye liner is for 24-Hour use, Smudge Proof, Waterproof, and Paraben and Phthalate Free.  

Define your eyes for your next video conference call quickly and easily with Amaterasu.

Keep it at your desk if you need a little touch-up in-between calls or throw it in your purse for on the go. Perfect for everyday wear or to add a little drama for date night.

Come check out our Amaterasu collection at Sweet Potato's Boutique! Add one of our Lip Whip's to help complement your eyes which was our feature in last week's blog HERE.

Oh, and do you love Teri's red cashmere sweater? We have this gorgeous top and much more to help you get ready for your next meeting!

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