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Good Basics = Endless Options

Updated: Nov 21, 2019

On Mondays we wear white chunky knit sweaters and gray denim... Tuesdays, of course, cozy blue cashmere with beloved ripped jeans... And on Wednesdays we wear pink...

We were joking at the boutique how we tend to rotate through the same favorite outfits. Over. And over again. We laughed, we sighed, and then one brilliant 'Sweetie' said, it's probably not too difficult to find new ways to wear our favorites.

We already use statement jewelry to give our wardrobe a refresher and are constantly switching up display pieces at the boutique to create new looks. We decided to put her theory to test. Pop up fashion show!

It took Lauren exactly 3.2 seconds to pull together 3 totally different, unique and chic outfits utilizing a top she had her eye on to purchase.

Meet Sporty Spice. She has her favorite chambray shirt on. Throw a vest over it and head out to watch your nephew's soccer game. The Vineyard Vines Hat is a lifesaver and is way cuter than bedhead. Comfy black jeans and UGG tennies. Go team!

Let's get coffee and go be cute somewhere. Same favorite chambray shirt. Layered with a cashmere sweater and paired with ripped jeans for a bit of an edge. And then the new wedge UGG we're all obsessing over. Looks like an outfit she can wear from coffee till cocktails!

Dressed to impress! Us: Is that a new shirt Lauren? Lauren: Oh please, this ole thing! A pencil skirt, some killer heels and amazing accessories transform her favorite, previously casual, shirt into a stunning corporate look that would take her from day, to happy hour, at night.

Stop in with your favorite piece or pick one out at Sweet Potato's! We can help you wear it many different ways for multiple looks, because, with good basics you'll have endless options!

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