Meet the Sweet Potato's Sweeties

Meet Nina

Fearless leader. Grand Poo-Bah. The brains behind the biz. Without Nina, none of us would be here. And that’s a sad thought. Not only does Nina have an impeccable eye for fashion and a brilliant mind for business, she has a rare (and startling) skill of being incredibly intuitive about people. Nina has succeeded in creating a team that is not only diversely talented, but very loyal and in tune with each other. A common love for all things taco has bonded the staff like glue, but when it comes down to it, Nina is the reason that Sweet Potato’s is a beautiful, fun and fashionable boutique right here in the quaint village of Kohler, WI. 

See her on Instagram: #fashioNina

Meet Teri

General Manager

Nina's right hand gal, the staff go-to and trend ambassador... if we worked in the White House, Teri would be our Commander in Chic. Always running to vendor meetings, attending tradeshows, managing photo shoots, supporting store events and facilitating tons - and tons - of meetings. All. In. Heels. That's our Teri. Never a free moment, with a list a mile long, but always willing to take the time to mentor, share stories, and ask how our weekends were.  We love her. 

Favorite Brand: BCBG

See her on Instagram: #veryteri

Meet Lauren


Lauren's infectious laugh, incredibly distinct speed in speaking and twinkle in her eye only hints to the amount of energy this one possesses. Capable of reading people (and minds) like a pro, Lauren is always 2-steps ahead, and excels as our Store Manager. With an oh-so enormous love for her 4-legged furry & barking friends, you’ll find she has a heart of gold (and we think a cot at the local humane society).

Favorite Brand: Alchemy by Nina Kohler

See her on Instagram: #lovelylauren

Meet Danielle

Assistant Manager

Danielle is our resident cool-headed queen of multi-tasking, making her a great Assistant Manager. This girl can, and will, tackle just about anything with confidence and ease, coming out on the other end successfully. 3 young boys keep her on her toes at home, and Danielle is active, interested and involved in all of her children’s activities and nothing gets by her. Urban legend has it that her photo has actually been seen in the dictionary under "fearless".

Favorite Brand: 360cashmere

See her on Instagram: #darlingdani

Meet Courtney

Sales Associate

Courtney is contagious...always coming up with nicknames and fun slang, you'll often find yourself repeating her little euphemisms; while she's belting out the lyrics of whatever song is playing on the radio. High energy and lots of fun, Court is the glue that keeps all us Sweeties close and connected.

Favorite Brand: 360cashmere

Meet Jaclyn

Sales Associate

Jaclyn is Vice President of her High School class and a varsity volleyball player. She's also a life guard and swim instructor at the Sheboygan Falls Aquatic Center.  Her sharp and bubbly personality shines as bright as the new lip color she's always rocking!

Favorite brand: UGG

See her on Instagram: #jackieosocute

Meet Katy

Sales Associate & Display Specialist

Katy, aka: Beautification Guru. Our Southern sweetheart is a magician at styling, a genius at displays and quite possibly the most self-less person we’ve met. Always the first person to pick up a shift for a staff member in need, she’s been known to re-arrange her own calendar to help. Katy never bats an eye at lending a hand or an ear. She always looks as amazing as her displays and we marvel at her fashion prowess, but she’ll hear nothing of it. That’s just how great she is.

Favorite Brand: 360cashmere

See her on Instagram: #katycrushesit

Meet Kendra

Sales Associate

If asked to describe Kendra, it would have to be: Ray of Sunshine. Outgoing and sweet, confident and curious, Kendra is a bundle of energy contained in a cute little human. She is one of the newest members to our staff, but you’d never know it. Kendra balances school work, sports and a job with ease, and her fashionable, easy-going style reflects her bubbly personality and active lifestyle.

Favorite Brand: UGG

See her on Instagram: #cuteaskendra

Meet Mary

Sales Associate

Super peppy and always smiling, we're thrilled to welcome Mary as the newest member of the team!  Growing up in Kohler, and having a love for fashion, we're finding she already knows Sweet Potato's very well. Mary will be a Junior at Kohler High School, she is a Varsity Soccer Player and Lifeguard at the Village Pool.  

Favorite Brand: Birkenstock

See her on Instagram: #somethingaboutmary

Meet Megan

Sales Associate

We snagged Megan the first chance we could after meeting her in our Fall walking group. Having recently moved to Kohler from the suburbs of Chicago, we graciously let her settle her family in before we stalked her and offered her a job. Never say first impressions don’t matter because we knew from the get-go that Megan was genuinely friendly, sweet and funny and a perfect addition to our team. Classic with a twist describes Megan’s sense of style and she’s sure to provide service with smile.

Favorite Brand: Elizabeth + James

See her on Instagram: #MEGnificant

Meet Rachel

Sales Associate

Rachel may be young, but this one has drive! She will not only be working with our customers when she is home during the summer months, she will also be interning at Sweet Potato’s. With a future in fashion and marketing in mind, Rachel will be digging deep into the inner workings of a retail boutique. She is smart and hard-working, funny and far more fashionable than any of us claim to have been in high school (we’re having flashbacks to Hypercolor t-shirts and Doc Martens…). 

Favorite Brand: Vince.

See her on Instagram: #rachelrules

Meet Rhonda

Sales Associate

Welcome back, Rhonda! From Wisconsin to Florida, Illinois and now back home…we are reunited, and it feels so good.  Rhonda had worked at Sweet Potato’s for 8 years when the boutique first opened its doors. It’s fun to hear her describe all the changes and it’s nice to welcome another warm, friendly face to our team. Some fun facts, Rhonda and her family enjoy spending time on the water, whether it’s stand up paddle boarding, boating, fishing or taking a cruise.  She’s a Southern Belle, raised in Atlanta, and is a very proud Mom to two amazing young women and the cutest little golden doodle and cockapoo!

Favorite Brand: 7 for All Mankind

See her on Instagram: #rhondareboot

Meet Tait

Sales Associate

Tait is the next generation of Sweet Potato's, full of energy and bright ideas. She is a certainly a darling addition to our staff. We don’t think she knew she’d be the next poster child for the youthful side of Sweet Potato’s when she accepted the position, but she’s too cute to not put to good use on social media! Tait has a fun and fresh sense of style with an eye for accessorizing.

Favorite Brand: UGG

See her on Instagram: #totallytait #taitertot

Meet Becky


Becky - our basketball coach, mom of 3. A back-of-house’er, Becky balances the books and keeps order of the finances. Responsible and diligent to her job, she is also an inspiring optimist, and she will be the first to remind you that you were made just the way you need to be.

Favorite Brand: Vineyard Vines

See her on Instagram: #omgbecky #hashtagel

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